Nicki Minaj is showing off her signature booty!

The "Anaconda" rapper flaunts her killer curves in Usher's music video for his new song, "She Came to Give it to You."

In the clip above, Usher is surrounded by a slew of women at a club, but they're no match for Ms. Minaj.  

"When your girl come through, Nicki gone crush her," she raps on the track. "And tell your man play the back like a spine. He only last six seconds like a Vine."

0827_nicki_launchThe brunette bombshell is no stranger to baring it all for her fans!

In her video for "Anaconda," Minaj has too many booty moments to count, and she sports a G-string for the single's cover art.  

Nicki's body is definitely on point, so why not show off what you're working with, right?!


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