Nicky Hilton is sharing the inside secrets of the fashion world.

The newly-engaged fashionista releases her new book, "365 Style" on Tuesday -- and we've got a sneak peek at few tips from Hilton herself.

The fashion guide is full of tricks, tips and other insider info Nicky has picked up during her time in the industry and aims to not only show readers how to get her style, but also figure out their own.

"I'm looking forward to New York Fashion Week, especially to share my new book, 365 Style, which explores creating your signature style," Nicky tells toofab. "The book was born out of my love for fashion. I've been fortunate to have worked with top fashion designers, even designing my own collections."

"My vision is to share what I've learned over the years to make fashion more affordable and accessible for everyone," she adds -- and that starts with the price of the book, which can be purchased for $21.95 on her personal website

And though she's all about finding style on a budget, there's one money-saving option that's a big no-no for her.

"My mother has really drilled this rule into me and I stand by it wholeheartedly. It is unfair to buy an exact replica or knockoff of anything," she writes in "365 Style." "It really is stealing when people manufacture knockoffs and it takes jobs away from those who could benefit from being employed by real-deal designers."

"If you truly love something that is out of your budget, keep an eye on eBay or check in regularly on consignment shops for a secondhand option," she suggests. "Be sure to always check a seller's history to ensure that the seller has a decent reputation."

Check out more tips for your wallet when "365 Style" hits bookstores on Tuesday, September 2.

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