Joan Rivers returned to "Saturday Night Live" last night, thanks to guest host Sarah Silverman.

The show gave tribute to the late comedian in a sketch that welcomed her to heaven, where she performed on the "Celestial Stage" alongside Richard Pryor, Eartha Kitt, Eve Gardner, Freddie Mercury Lucille Ball, Steve Jobs and Benjamin Franklin.

The skit featured Silverman as the former "Fashion Police" host, roasting other celebs who have passed on.

"Me in heaven? I guess I should be here, I'm practically a virgin. The last time someone was inside me, it was Melissa," she joked at the open of her segment, before unloading on the other stars in Heaven.

"So many incredible people here tonight, even Steve Jobs. Steve, I hope you're forced to buy a bigger, better casket every 6 months so you can feel what we feel," she said of the late Apple CEO.

"When Freddie died, people were surprised to find out he was gay. You're so gay even your teeth aren't straight," she joked about Mercury, played by Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine

And then there was this joke for Lucille Ball: "You stuffed more chocolate down your throats than the Kardashians!" 

When Joan passed away last month, Silverman was one of the many who honored her on Twitter, tweeting out "My heart is torn in half. She wasn't done."

"She was a hero to me, and I loved her very much," Silverman later said on "Jimmy Kimmel Live." "I think a lot of people, when they die at 81, you go, 'Well, she was 81. She had an amazing life.' But she wasn't done. She, right now, was at her most vital."

The two later launched into an insult-fest that Joan would have clearly approved of:

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