In the past three seasons of "American Horror Story," Jessica Lange has stolen every scene she's in -- and has the Emmy Awards to prove it.

But on "Freak Show," she may have some serious competition.

Ryan Murphy's latest incarnation of the massively popular (and totally terrifying) FX series finds Lange sharing the screen with a band of "extra-ordinary" actors, including the World's Smallest Woman and the so-called World's Tallest Model.

Mix in a woman without legs and a man with "seal-like" limbs and you've got one captivating cast.

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Instead of relying on makeup, prosthetics and CGI to fill the sideshow attraction Lange's Elsa Mars runs in Jupiter, Florida, the people behind "AHS" went on the hunt for real "extra-ordinary artists." 

And these new cast members have some pretty incredible tales.

Joining "Horror Story" alums like Sarah Paulson, Angela Bassett, Kathy Bates, Evan Peters and Emma Roberts this year are Mat Fraser, Rose Siggins, Erika Ervin and Jyoti Amge -- and, while you may not know them yet, you will by the end of the season.

FX has created a video series introducing each of the show's more curious cast members. Get to know them all a little better below!

Mat Fraser -- "Paul the Illustrated Seal" 

Fraser lives with a congenital disorder called phocomelia  -- but he doesn't let him define who he is.

"I think what's interesting about me is my personality. Of course these are different and they're interesting to look at and there's nothing wrong with that," he says, referencing his hands. "I'm powerful and awesome and I have these and I'm a freak and I'm an actor. And it's awesome."

"I've got a black belt and I'm really good at shagging," the charming actor continues. "The physical pleasures in life are important to me. I want to live life, I want to live it to the fullest. What I hope, from this, is somebody gives me another acting job where I just get to play a person."

Erika Ervin -- "Amazon Eve" 

Transgender actress Erika Ervin clocks in at 6'8" -- and reveals her part was initially written for a man.

"I auditioned for the part as a guy, slicked back my hair, no makeup, flannel shirt, bound my breasts, dropped my voice and walked in and nailed it," she tells FX -- adding that she doesn't "feel like I'm anything other than female."

While Ervin has had to overcome a disapproving family, she's found a new one in the show's cast.

"It's a place for people who are different to come tougher and find a sense of community," she says. "It's more than just a freak show. There's a family here."

Rose Siggins -- "Legless Suzy" 

Though she was born with legs, they were amputated when she was two years old.

"I've actually made a lot of friendships on the freak show," she says. "We're able to help one another out. It's kind of a sense of family, a support system that you usually don't have. Everybody is so sweet and nice and the crew has adopted my own children as their own."

Yes, Rose has two children -- and even she was surprised when she got pregnant. See her story above.

Jyoti Amge -- "Ma Petit" 

At 23 inches and weighing only 11 pounds, Jyoti is the World's Smallest Woman in Guinness Book of World Records -- but she lights up the room with her larger-than-life smile.

"When people watch the people in this series, I want to say to the audience that these people are not freaks," Amge tells FX. "They are normal in their own way. Even though this show is meant to be scary, it's actually sort of funny. I just want to tell people not to be put off by the characters and not to be scared by them."

The season premiere of "American Horror Story: Freak Show" airs tonight on FX -- will you be watching?

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