If there's anything good that came out of Hank Baskett's possible affair with a transsexual, it's this.

In a sneak peek at this week's "Kendra on Top," Kendra Wilkinson reunites with her estranged mother, Patti.

The two had a falling out when the reality TV star didn't tell her about her second pregnancy before news hit the tabloids. Patti and Kendra then started hurling insults at each other in the press, before Kendra finally told her "I hope you die!"


Kendra: Why I'd Be Stupid to Divorce Hank Right Now

According to the former "Girls Next Door" star, they haven't spoken to each other in about a year -- but she reached out to mom to help her deal with her husband's potential indiscretion. 

While the reunion appears to go well -- and Kendra is thrilled to have her mom see Hank Jr. and meet Alijah -- Patti just couldn't resist bringing up that whole "I hope you die" thing. 

Check out the video above!

New, back to back episodes of "Kendra on Top" air Friday, October 7 on WEtv.


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