A lot of people are asking "Who the hell is Bleona Qereti?" after the singer/reality star showed up to the 2014 American Music Awards last night wearing this.

Clad in mesh maxi, black nipple covers and a silver thong, the "Euros of Hollywood" star definitely turned some heads ... and has the outfit everyone is still talking about the day after she hit the red carpet.

The look quickly drew comparisons to one Rose McGowan sported to the 1998 MTV Video Music Awards, when she attended with then-boyfriend Marilyn Manson. Rose, of course, opted against pasties, baring her nipples for the world to see.

We caught up with Bleona earlier today to see why she decided to wear that dress ... and what she thinks of the McGowan comparisons. She also sent over the photos below to prove she's been proud of her body for years!

toofab: You're clearly comfortable with your body, what made you pick this dress?

Bleona: This is just me, and I do me ... ALWAYS. When I hear Iggy Azalea and J.Lo are performing 
"Booty" I thought I could fit to the theme. The dress is a haute couture dress designed by Shahla Dorriz, with a body made from mom and dad ... no plastic surgeon!

Shahla is a dear friend and I asked her to get the most "statement" dress (one of her bigger-than-life pieces that she designs) and she came up with this. The minute I saw it, I knew that was the one.

toofab: What were the reactions like when you hit the red carpet?

Bleona: Everybody kept asking "Are you cold?" And I was like "Nope! Actually, I am really hot!" Courage is not the lack of absence of fear, it's overcoming it! 

toofab: Had you seen photos Rose McGowan wearing a similar getup to the VMAs beforehand? How do you think your look compares?

Bleona: I have no idea who she is! I just saw her face in the press next to mine yesterday for the first time in my life. This must have all been when I was in Europe.

All I know is that I am me and I have been "doing me" for 20 years, since I was 5 years old when I first got up on the stage. It's not my fault that people are finding out about me just now! For me, Rule #1 is NEVER be #2.

toofab: Do you have a message for some of the haters?

Bleona: Haters will see you walk on water and say "It's because you can't swim."

See more of her wild style in the video below!

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