With three hours of performances, awards and fashion galore, the 87th Annual Academy Awards went down Sunday night in Los Angeles.

And while films like "Boyhood," "Birdman" and "The Grand Budapest Hotel" are all expected to take home a whole lotta trophies, the moments below are what everyone will be talking about all day Monday.

In no particular order, here are our favorite clips:

1.) Embarrassing Mom Moment

One of the night's best moments went down before the show even started, as Dakota Johnson walked the red carpet with mom Melanie Griffith ... and had a classic mother-daughter argument.

When asked by Lara Spencer if she planned on seeing "Fifty Shades of Grey," Melanie made it clear she really didn't want to. This prompted quite the reaction from Dakota, one we've probably all had with our parents at some point.

2.) NPH's Open

"Tonight we honor Hollywood's best and whitest ... brightest!" -- Neil Patrick Harris

The actor opened the show with the perfect joke to sum up the controversy over this year's nominees, before jumping into a musical number costarring Anna Kendrick and Jack Black.

Our favorite part? Anna singing about one particularly gruesome moment on "Gone Girl." Warning: Spoilers ahead!

3.) Everything Is Awesome

Tegan and Sara hit the stage with The Lonely Island to perform "Everything Is Awesome" from "The Lego Movie." With props galore and a very cheery Oprah in the audience, it was definitely the most unique performance of the night ... but it was the surprise appearance from Will Arnett as Batman that brought it home.

Everyone now: Darnkess! No parents! 

4.) Harris Pulls a "Birdman"


In a moment spoofing Michael Keaton's tighty-whitey run through Times Square in "Birdman," NPH took the stage in nothing but his briefs.

Think he stuffed?

5.) Patricia Arquette Gets J.Lo & Meryl All Riled Up!

While accepting her Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her work in "Boyhood," Patricia Arquette went political, urging for wage equality in the workplace.

The audience went wild, but it was Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lopez who had the best on-camera reaction to the passionate Patricia. Watch the whooping above!

6.) Joan Rivers Snubbed

A red carpet staple who revolutionized the way we cover red carpets at events like the Oscars, and an actress in her own right, Joan Rivers was one of the stars who didn't make it into the In Memoriam segment.

Consider her iconic work in "Spaceballs" and her own 2010 documentary "A Piece of Work," people were shocked she wasn't included this year.

7.) John Travolta Creeps Us All Out

You knew this was coming. After butchering Idina Menzel's name last year, the  singer purposefully screwed up John Travolta's name while introducing him. 

But we weren't prepared for what happened next. Travolta proceeded to grab Idina's face and just act as creepy as possible. Way to keep the talk going for another year, John!

8.) Lady Gaga SLAYS

Lady Gaga hit the stage to perform a tribute to "The Sound of Music" -- and got a standing ovation for her powerhouse vocals. This definitely reminded people there's a killer vocalist under those sometimes strange style choices.

Having Julie Andrews come onstage and hug her after made us all a 'lil bit emotional.

9.) Chris Pine's Tears


Chris Pine started trending on Ttwitter after he was seen crying following John Legend and Common's powerful performance of "Glory." Film star David Oyelowo was also seen wiping tears from his eyes after the now-Oscar-winning song was performed. 

10.) Eddie Redmayne Is Downright Adorable

Sorry, Michael Keaton.

Eddie Redmayne was the surprise winner of the night, taking home the Best Actor trophy for his work in "The Theory of Everything." You could tell even he was surprised -- and his reaction was nothing short of adorable.

Click here to see the rest of the winners.

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