Paris Hilton's in on the joke! 

The heiress recently chatted with DuJour magazine, where she opened up about her hit reality show, "The Simple Life" and revealed what it's like a day in the life of Paris. 

Hilton and former BFF Nicole Richie stole the small screen on the hilarious E! series in 2003, as the two Hollywood bad girls tried adjusted to life in rural America, before trying out various internships along the east coast in future seasons. 

While most people thought the show was unscripted, the 34-year-old says she was just acting.

"I was playing a character on 'The Simple Life,' so I don’t blame people for thinking I was ditzy," she tells the mag.

"People assumed that’s who I really was. Now they meet me and realize I’m completely different. But it doesn’t bother me that people thought I was dumb," she adds. "Playing that character made life easier—I do have a certain amount of shyness, which I’m sure is a surprise to people. And I’ve never cared what people think about me—I know the truth. I’ve always known what I was capable of."

In another interview with Yahoo Style's Joe Zee, Paris also opened up about another former BFF: Kim Kardashian. While the two don't hang out together nearly as much as they used to, Hilton swear there's no ill will there.

"We’ve known each other since we were little girls, we’ve always been friends, it’s nice to inspire people. I am really proud of her and what she’s done. I saw her a few weeks ago in New York," she says. 

"They're so cute together, they're the perfect couple," Hilton adds about Kim's relationship with Kanye West

As for their daughter North, she adds "She's so cute! Kim has always wanted to have a family, so I'm really happy for her. North is a little fashionista. I've never seen a baby better dressed than that."

Check out the full interview below:

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