Nicole Richie's regretting a few of her permanent decisions! 

The reality star recently chatted with Into The Gloss, where she revealed which tattoos and piercings she wishes she could undo and shared some of her beauty tips. 

While the 33-year-old hasn't added to her body art collection in years, she does have a few regrets. 

"I have a few tattoos, but I haven’t gotten a new one since I was 21," the newly pink-haired star told the site. "I was a 19-year-old idiot when I got this tattoo on the back of my neck. You can see it now with the short hair but people aren’t asking about it, which is nice." 


The reality star has been pretty open about some of her permanent ink mistakes -- in 2014, she said her "virgin" tattoo on her wrist was "embarrassing and desperate" and even visited a tattoo removal clinic in 2013 for her web series, "#CandidlyNicole," to see how much it would cost to remove her self-described "tramp stamp." 

In addition to Richie's tattoos, she doesn't plan on getting any more piercings either!

"As far as piercings go, I have nine holes in my ears. I have five on one side, four on the other. I take care of those with saltwater and prayers," she joked. "They definitely have their issues. I won’t get any more—no no no, I can’t do that again." 

Nevertheless, it seems like the mother-of-two has a pretty great sense of humor about mistakes she's made in her younger years. 

"If I could give advice to my younger self, I would say, 'You just got to do your thing and keep it chill. Just get one look down and when you get over it, then change it.' That’s all. Oh, and don’t over-tweeze your eyebrows," she confessed. 

Gotta love Nicole for keeping it real! 

What do you think about Richie's tattoo confessions? Sound off below and check out the gallery above to see more pics of Nicole through the years and stars with ink! 

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