Christina Applegate's in the hot seat! 

The "Vacation" star stopped by Bravo's "Watch What Happens Live" on Sunday, where she played a game of "Plead the Fifth" with host Andy Cohen.  

Applegate was asked a number of questions about stars she's worked with, but got a tad uncomfortable when Cohen grilled her about her one-time date with Brad Pitt

Check out the video above to see what Christina had to say about ditching the A-list actor! 

While the 44-year-old admitted that she's never "taken a dip in the lady pond" -- unlike her pal Cameron Diaz -- she chose to "plead the fifth" when it came a question about her most well-endowed costar. 

Unfortunately for the blonde beauty, she had one question left after using her right to remain silent ... and did her best to avoid discussing the not-so-great date with Pitt. 

"There's much talk of a date you were on with Brad Pitt to the MTV Movie Awards in 1989 in which you reported that you ditched mid-date," Cohen explained. "You said that you ditched him for another guy. My question to you Christina is, who was the guy that you ditched Brad Pitt for?" 

"How many fifths do I get," she nervously asked. "You had your fifth," Cohen replied. "I have to say it?" she asked. "I don't have to do nothin.'" 

It seemed pretty apparent that the "Married ... with Children" alum did not want to name any names, but she did give some details about her mystery man. 

After some more grilling by Cohen, Applegate revealed that the guy she left Pitt for is not an actor but he is well-known to the public.

Regardless of who this guy is, we're sure Christina is kicking herself for not sticking out the evening with the soon-to-be Hollywood stud.

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