Pamela Anderson has never been shy about spilling her dirty secrets, and last night, we learned even more about the "Baywatch" babe.

The actress stopped by "Watch What Happens Live," where host Andy Cohen put her in the hot seat during a game of "Plead the Fifth."

Cohen started the segment by asking Pam about one celebrity who hit on her that she had to turn down. 

"I think I've let them all have me!" she joked, looking flustered. After she started to panic, Andy answered for her. "You said Sean Penn."

"Ok, you can say that," she replied.

Anderson also was asked to chose between her famous exes: "In your opinion, who is the better musician: Tommy Lee or Kid Rock?" 

"Tommy Lee," she told Cohen. "He's the father of my kids."

Next up, she was put on the spot about Scott Baio's oral sex skills. Check out the clip to find out if she answered the question!

Later in the show, Andy asked Pam about her infamous sex tape with Lee.

After the blonde bombshell admitted that "she's never seen it," she went on to admit that she didn't make any money off of it.

"Not one dollar," she declared. "We made a deal to stop all the shenanigans. I was seven months pregnant with Dylan. The stress was affecting the pregnancy. I said, 'I'm not going to court anymore, I'm not being deposed anymore by these horny, weird lawyer men. I don't want to talk about my vagina anymore.'"

"It was stolen property," she explained. "Neither of us made anything from it. It was stolen ... The damage was done."  

A fan later got even more personal with Pam, asking if Tommy has the biggest penis she's ever seen. You've gotta watch the video to find out!

Later, she opened up about Tommy's jealous side -- and revealed how it affected her on the set of "Baywatch."

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