Ricky Schroder's Two Daughters Stun In New Photoshoot
Tyler Shields
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Ricky Schroder stole the hearts of millions of teens back in the day -- but now, his teenage daughters are ready for the spotlight.

The actor's two daughters -- Cambrie, 18, and Faith, 14 -- show off their beauty and tight sisterly bond in a stunning new photo shoot with celeb photographer Tyler Shields. Sporting some retro swimsuits, cute dresses and flawless hair and makeup, the ladies look gorgeous in the pics.

"Tyler was able to portray the beautiful bond between sisters and create a drama and story so brilliantly," the 18-year-old explains to Just Jared. "His attention to detail and his impeccable focus is what makes his work genius. Being passionate about health and fitness, I highly value athleticism and was so thrilled to be able to represent strength in the female body."

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"My work is about being an inspiration to girls and women to stand in strength and confidence in their own healthy body and to remind people about the importance of family bonds," she adds. "All which Tyler was able to capture flawlessly."

Cambrie has her own social media presence as a fitness guru, sharing blog posts and videos online. She's also a student at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California.

Both sisters appeared in the TV movie "Our Wild Hearts" in 2013 -- a film directed by their own dad!

See more photos from the shoot in the top gallery, plus see more stars with stunning offspring above.

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