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David Arquette is one proud papa!

The actor opens up about his home life in a new interview with the Chicago Sun-Times Splash, where he gets candid about his adorable kiddies and playing Sherlock Holmes.

Inside the issue, the "Scream" alum poses with his adorable one-year-old son Charlie West Arquette. The father-son duo are pictured in the actor's living room, hand-in-hand, while wearing matching blue hues.

"He's definitely got some of my qualities," the 44-year-old tells the mag. "He's a little bit of a rascal already, [and] he likes to have fun. He's always on the move."

David shares Charlie with wife Christina McLarty, and has a daughter, Coco Arquette, with ex-wife Courteney Cox.

The actor also discusses why he decided to take a break from social media. "I originally left because people were just so mean," he says.

"I really take it personally; I couldn't not obsess on it and write people back," he reveals. "There were rumors and people just talking trash — it wasn't fun for me."

Arquette is currently starring in "Sherlock Holmes" on tour -- and says he has a few things in common with the 19th century detective.

"We share a quirkiness and oddball nature," he explains. "I definitely look at things from a different perspective, and I think he does, too. I have a pretty good understanding of human behavior."

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