Jessica Alba Sizzles In Cosmopolitan, Says She Identifies More With Her Masculine Side
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Now that's one hot power suit!

Jessica Alba goes super sexy on the cover of Cosmopolitan's March issue in a matching red suit and bra ... while sporting two more, equally hot looks inside the mag!

While the 34-year-old actress-turns-business mogul oozes femininity in the spread, she reveals that she didn't always feel girly, connecting more with her masculine side for much of her 20s.

"Most of my life, I identified more with my masculine side. I was kind of aggressive and super masculine in my early 20s—even into my mid- 20s," she tells the mag. "I got boobs when I was young and I was like, 'What do I do?' I was never the girl who they marketed. I was always feeling angry, like an impostor. I learned how to be cool with the feminine later in life."


While the mom-of-two is known for playing sexy roles in movies like "Sin City" and "Into the Blue," she says that she always wanted to be a "big action star" and to be "as relevant as men."

These days, Alba is heavily involved in her business as the co-founder of the incredibly successful Honest Company and reveals that while she feels like a businesswoman in a man's world, at the end of the day she knows exactly what her target demographic wants.

"I'm in a man's world in business. But I know what women want— [men] don't, she says. "Whenever [male colleagues] question me in meetings, I'm like, 'Go home and ask your wife. This is a pointless conversation. Go home and talk to her.' When we were talking about package designs, I was like, 'Are you really giving me notes on packaging for feminine care? I literally can't with you.'"

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The actress also gets candid on equal pay for women, citing Jennifer Lawrence, who's been outspoken about making less than some of her male co-stars.

"There are not as many women in government titles, business titles. It’s just not equal. And until there is equality, you’re going to feel that no matter what industry you're in. But from day one, I was like, girls should have an equal seat at the table. Take Jennifer Lawrence. I mean, she’s opening movies -- she's the box office draw as much as any guy in the movie, if not more. She should be compensated for that."

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