Step Inside Oprah Winfrey's Insane Harpo Studios Closet!
Jake Rosenberg/The Coveteur
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Oprah Winfrey is cleaning out 25 years worth of memories!

The media mogul ended "The Oprah Winfrey Show" five years ago and now the 62-year-old is taking a trip down memory lane as she returns to Harpo Studios in Chicago to clean out her unbelievable wardrobe room.

In a new feature with The Coveteur, she reveals she just doesn't need all of those clothes anymore, now that she's not a TV regular.

0217_oprah_inset2Jake Rosenberg/The Coveteur

"I just don't need all this intense color, the embellishment, the heels anymore," she told website. "When you're in front of TV cameras every day, you have to stand out, but I'm in a different place now, and those things no longer serve me."

Highlights of Oprah's "work closet" not only include tons of fabulous shoes, but also an assortment of colorful pieces and the Weight Watchers investor's 15 Emmys.

"My clothes were for being seen on TV or at an event," she said. "I'm still doing those things, but now my clothes are just for me."

0217_oprah_inset5Jake Rosenberg/The Coveteur

The star managed to whittle down her wardrobe and was left with an assortment of neat neutrals that perfectly reflect her style for the woman she is today.

"You know, Adam [Glassman] was the one who made me realize I was holding on to clothes that were all about a dream I had for myself. I chose them for this idea I'd gotten into my head of how someone like me was supposed to live, but they had nothing to do with my actual life," she revealed. "That changed me!"

Head on over to the Coveteur to see all of the photos of Oprah's out of this world closet!

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