Courtney Stodden says she has something else in common with her idol, Marilyn Monroe: IBS!

In a sneak peek clip at next week's episode of "The Mother/Daughter Experiment: Celebrity Edition," the reality TV star is rushed to the hospital with a mysterious illness.

Her mother, Krista Keller, is then heard giving a little too much information about her daughter in a voiceover, worrying that it could be a symptom of Courtney's Irritable Bowel Syndrome -- something she's never discussed in public before -- and suggesting she could be pregnant.

In an exclusive statement to toofab, Courtney confirms the medical condition.

"I've had to deal with a lot lately, especially with the damaged relationship I have with my mom," she says. "Yes, I suffer from IBS. It's caused by stress & anxiety. But apparently Marilyn Monroe had it, too... so that makes me feel better!"

For the record: It was never confirmed the Hollywood icon had IBS. It appears the rumor first started in David Bret's 2007 biography, "Clark Gable: Tormented Star" -- which the New York Times called, "breathtakingly trashy."

In a very candid conversation with toofab's Brian Particelli, Stodden opened up about some of the other issues plaguing her while inside the home. In case you missed it, Courtney and Krista joined the show after having a major falling out. Stodden accused her mom of being "inappropriate" with her husband, Doug Hutchison, while her mom said Doug developed feelings for her.

Yeah, they have some issues.

"I was having panic attacks every single day on that set," Court tells us. "I was so emotional. I still am. I was very hurt by how much pain she’s caused me, but I’m grateful to the experience."

While the two haven't patched things up 100%, she says things are at least somewhat "better" now.

"[Our relationship is] better than where we were. But that being said, the story is still being written," Courtney reflects. "I hope she's also able to apply the tools Dr. Debbie gave her on the show. I feel like she’s kind of reverting back to her old ways again and that scares me and it's hurtful."

"The Mother/Daughter Experiment: Celebrity Edition" airs Tuesdays on Lifetime.

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