More Stars Who've Admitted to Plastic Surgery

It's been six years since Heidi Montag famously had ten plastic surgery procedures in one day, and it seems that's still the first thing she's asked about.

"I am still shocked that everyone's still harping on this plastic surgery, because it was so long ago," she tells toofab's Brian Particelli while promoting her new reality show, "The Mother Daughter Experiment: Celebrity Edition." "Everyone has said everything possible. I've talked it to death, and I just didn't think it'd be interesting anymore. But I guess when people want something to pick at you with, it's an easy target."

While the "Hills" alum has been an open book when it comes to her nips and tucks, she admits there are other celebrities who have gotten just as much work ... they're afraid to admit it.

"I think that a lot of people have had as many surgeries as I have had, it's just secret," she says. "I'm just not a liar and I don't want to be so hidden. I want to be open it and it really backlashed. Whether it's right or wrong, whether I regret it or not, it's not the issue, it's I'm not the only person in the world who has done this."

Another star who recently copped to going under the knife is Iggy Azalea. Despite coming clean about her breast augmentation and nose job, Montag warns that she should expect to be asked about her surgeries again and again.

"Girl, you will!" Heidi exclaims when asked if Iggy will likely be answering plastic surgery questions for life.

0304_heidi_inset2Launch GalleryGetty"The Hills" Cast -- Then & Now

While Montag and husband Spencer Pratt have gone on to appear in a series of reality shows after their MTV debut, they're still surprised by the continued popularity of "The Hills."

"I am still surprised. I love reality TV. But I like 'Love and Hip Hop,' I like these crazy 'Housewives,' more hardcore shows," she says of fans' long-lasting affinity for the show. "Maybe that's what people miss, a different type of genre, the feeling of it, the high budget and more of a scripted feel."

One thing that wasn't scripted was her relationship with Spencer. The couple is coming up on a decade together.

"We've been together 9 years, married for 7, so that's exciting," she told us. "We did 'Boot Camp.' We may need a Round 2 coming up, we don't have a baby! But in all fairness, it is because of my arm and I had arm surgery last spring. Once that gets fixed, we'll look towards kids in the nearer future. But we're good."

Check out the clip to see what Heidi said about the one secret no one knows about her yet!

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