Sally Field & Max Greenfield Make Out on "Ellen" After Talking About Their Steamy Sex Scenes
Michael Rozman / Warner Bros.
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Wow, these costars are close!

Sally Field and Max Greenfield get extra friendly with each other on today's episode of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," after they spill about their steamy sex scenes in their new movie, "Hello, My Name is Doris."

In the film, directed and co-written by Michael Showalter, the actress, 69, plays a New York spinster who develops feelings for a much younger new co-worker (Greenfield).

It seems these two have some pretty racy fantasy scenes, which were shot just two days after they met.

"Yeah, we shot that scene on our second day of filming," Max, 35, explains. "Was it really?" Sally asks.

"I feel like you go into a scene like that and there’s a lot of nerves," he continues. "And then we shot it and we pulled apart from one another and I think we both were like, 'We’ll do another take.'"

Sally and Max had to get to know each other quickly, and it was even more awkward because Field had never heard of the "New Girl" star!

"Yes I did. I did. I did. I did. I did. I did. I really did," Sally says with a huge smile. "It sounds like it," Ellen chimes in. "When you say it that many times, it’s a lie."

"It’s kind of a lie," the actress declares. "Everybody loves Max. I then caught up with Max. I binged. I binge watched. And then caught up, and then I knew who Max was. And I already knew my Max. So he was my Max before he was that."

Check out the clip to see how Max responds!

Now, back to that kiss.

Sally and Max get hot and heavy during a game of "Heads Up." Watch the video above to see these two make out for the audience!

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