Cameron Diaz Talks Meeting Hubby Benji Madden: "You Just Know When You Know"
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Cameron Diaz can't help but gush about her hubby Benji Madden!

The actress got extremely candid about her relationship with the Good Charlotte rocker while chatting with Andy Cohen on his SiriusXM show "Radio Andy."

"It was one of those things where everyone tells you, 'You just know when you know,'" she recalled about her soon-to-be hubby. "I was like, 'What does that mean? Oh, I get it. You just know when you know.' Like you're my husband."

Though the actress had been longtime friends with Benji's sister-in-law Nicole Richie and his brother Joel Madden for years, she had never really thought about the musician that way.

"The first thing I said when I first met my [would be] husband was, 'He's hot,'" she admitted. "How come I didn't know this before? We had never been in the same circle."

It wasn't until "The Other Woman" star had Nicole and Joel over for dinner, when Madden asked if he could invite his brother, that she finally saw Benji in a new light. "Then I saw him again," she remembered. "Wait a second, still hot!"

Now married, Diaz says everything and everyone pre-Benji just doesn't matter anymore.

"You know, nothing matters now that I have my husband," she said. "Like, I don't even remember any of that. All of that is like, that's the thing, that's how I know he's my husband...No one compares. Everything else just like washes and slips away," she explained.

"You realize like, 'Oh this is like the real thing is," she gushed. "This is what real love is. This is what real commitment and devotion is. This is the person you build your life with."

"We got married in our living room in front of our friends," she continued. "Had a little party in our backyard on the tennis court and yeah. Otherwise it would have been something else."

It definitely sounds like Cameron is still head-over-heels for Madden -- what do you think about Diaz's candid comments? Sound off below and check out the gallery above to see more of Hollywood's hottest couples!

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