Gisele Bundchen is passing on her modeling wisdom to ... Jimmy Fallon?!

The sexy supermodel stopped by "The Tonight Show" on Wednesday night, where she handed off her catwalking baton to the late night host.

Fallon enthusiastically grabbed his sparkly heels (yes, really!) and headed down to the stage to get some tips from the former Victoria's Secret stunner.

"Put the chest forward, squeeze the belly in, shake the hips," she said, before letting the host give it a try.

He was shaky at first, but he totally nailed it at the end. Check out the clip to see them both in action!

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Gisele also opened up about life at home and her plans for the future, now that her runway days are behind her.

"I'm kind of really focusing on, I have kids, and I'm really focusing on being the best mom I can be and my family," the mother-of-two said. "[I'm] just kind of taking this year as a sabbatical to see where my life will take me, just kind of see what the next 20 years are going to look like. I'm just waiting to be inspired."

We can't wait to see what she does next, can you?!

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