Alyssa Milano Reveals the Amazing Gift She Got From Prince for Her Son Milo
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Alyssa Milano has one Prince memory she'll never forget.

The former "Who's the Boss?" star opens up about her once in a lifetime experience with the late, great singer on today's episode of "The Real" -- and it's bound to make you extremely jealous.

"So I am on stage nine months pregnant with Milo with Prince. It was like one of the most special nights of my entire existence," she says of attending a concert back in 2011.

"My husband as a gift decided as a surprise to take me to the Prince concert and it was at The Forum. In the VIP section, they had these little tables, the pit was kind of like these tables. He kept looking at me throughout the night and singing to me, which was like, I couldn't," she continues, fanning herself. "And then one of his, I don't know, a roadie or someone came over and said, "Prince would like for you to go on stage and dance with him."

While she says she was both shocked and reluctant at first, she went for it.

"And then the craziest thing is my husband almost got thrown out because you know, Prince doesn't like anyone to take pictures while he's performing. So I see this big bouncer while I'm on stage like go towards my husband, I was like, 'Put away the camera!' It was such an ordeal," she explains.

Dancing on stage with The Purple One would be cool enough, but Alyssa says the singer then surprised her with a special gift. What was it? A tambourine, to give her baby after it was born. Milano even whipped out the present, to the surprise of the hosts.

"This is his tambourine and he gave it to my son, so I keep it in a very special place and I know you guys are all Prince fans, so I wanted to bring it to show!"

Alyssa's dance with Prince certainly went better than Kim Kardashian's. Click here to see her get kicked off his stage during that same 2011 tour!

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