We're getting a glimpse of P!nk's family!

The pop star dropped her new music video for "Just Like Fire," her single from Disney's live action movie "Alice Through The Looking Glass."

In the visual, the singer swings from a trapeze with her daughter Willow watching on, before both walk through a mirror into a fantasy world.

P!nk's hubby makes a cameo in the beginning and the end, where he eventually has his wife committed for her bizarre behavior.

The 36-year-old opened up about her marriage to Hart during an appearance on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" last week, where she revealed that the BMX racer always falls asleep while putting their daughter to bed.

"He always falls to sleep putting Willow to bed," she told DeGeneres. "The other night I said, 'Are you going to stay up tonight?' And he said, 'I would like to.' I said, 'I don't really know what that means. 0509_pink_inset"Launch Gallery"VEVOSee More Cute Celebrity Kids!

"Should I light candles and open wine and put on a show? Like, are we going big here? Or are you going to fall asleep again?' So, I lit the candles and opened the wine, and an hour and a half later, [Carey was fast asleep in their daughter's bedroom]."

"I'm caught up on Homeland, so we're good," she added with a laugh. "And then he wakes up eventually; I'm pretending to be asleep. He comes in bed—it's pitch dark; he cannot see my face—and yet he rolls over and says, 'What's wrong?'"

"He sucks," P!nk joked. "No, he's good. He doesn't. He's very, very handsome." More importantly, "He's an incredible dad. That's why he falls asleep, because she wants him to stay."

Though the high-profile pair has had their fair share of breakups and makeups over the last 10 years, it does sound like they've found a pretty good balance.

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