Selena Gomez Says She's Dating Again: "I've Been Having The Best Time"
Kai Z Feng
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Selena Gomez is single and ready to mingle!

The pop star covers the June issue of Marie Claire, where she opens up about her dating life and reveals how she deals with her agents and managers.

Though Gomez has been keeping a relatively low dating profile since splitting with ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber, she says she's getting out there again!

"Iā€™'ve been dating," she tells the mag. "I've been having the best time. But I don't trust anybody, so dating can only be fun if I know I'm going to have fun."

While the 23-year-old doesn't mind sharing some information about her personal life, the "Come & Get It" singer says she would get extremely frustrated when every interview of hers used to be all about Bieber.

"I would try to promote something that I loved, and the entire interview would be about my personal life," she explains. "I would leave a room feeling defeated, feeling embarrassed, but I would always make sure to put that smile on my face because I wasn't going to let them get to me."

Even though Gomez has a ton of people -- from managers to agents -- who try to influence her every decision, ultimately she calls the shots at the end of the day.

"Authenticity is my life," she declares. "They make great choices, but I make the decisions."

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