Jared Leto and Drake are spilling all their dirty little secrets!

The guys both make an appearance on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" on Wednesday, where they reveal some racy details about themselves in a fun game of "Never Have I Ever."

"You just have to be honest. That's all," the talk show host tells her guests. "We're just asking for honesty here."

Ellen goes right in with the tough questions, asking if they "have ever hooked up with a fan." She admits to doing the deed first, and after some hesitation, Jared and Drake both say they have.

So, have they ever texted a nude selfie? One says "YES". How about sending a dirty text to the wrong person? Just one person admits to that one.

As for making out with someone twice their own age, both Leto and Drake own up to that.

The pair is also asked about "body waxing" and "telling a girl how they feel about her in a song." Check out the clip to see who cops up to these!

0518_jared_inset2Launch GalleryGettyWow, These Celebs Dated?!

Earlier in the show, DeGeneres quizzes Drake about his rumored romance with Rihanna.

"You and Rihanna are friends and I know that," she says. "Yes," he agrees.

"Just friends only friends," Ellen presses. "That’s friendship at it’s finest. Right there," he answers, coyly.

There is clearly chemistry there, right? (Even if he won't admit to it.)

Watch the video to hear more and to see him get the scare of his life!

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