The ladies of "Ghostbusters" can definitely make us laugh, but their dance moves could use some work!

Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones, Kristen Wiig and Kate McKinnon stop by "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" on Wednesday and battle it out in a hilarious game of "Heads Up!" with the host.

Jones and McKinnon are up first and have to make Ellen guess phrases like "Netflix and chill," "Hooters" and "Shuttlecock." Jones even does a bad impression of Sofia Vergara, but somehow, the comedienne is able to guess the clue.

After their round, Wiig and McCarthy take a turn, but they have to act out different kinds of dance moves. It takes some time for DeGeneres to guess that the actresses are "bumping and grinding," which makes for a classic moment!

Kristen and Melissa breeze through the "slow dance," but Ellen can't put her finger on their "conga line" or "tango."

Watch the fun video above to see them all in action!

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Earlier in the show, the ladies talk about the odd jobs they had before they found success in acting -- and wow, they've done it all.

Leslie was a "telemarketer for Scientology" despite not being a Scientologist, and Kate admits to being an umpire for little league baseball.

"I was an umpire for a Scientology baseball team," Wiig jokes.

Check out the clip to see why Leslie calls Kate "her bitch," and catch this foursome in "Ghostbusters" when it hits theaters on July 15.

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