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Brandi Glanville and Lindsay Lohan have something in common: British bad boy Calum Best!

The former "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star opened up to toofab's Brian Particelli about her "love connection" with LiLo's ex while filming E!'s new reality series "Famously Single."

On the show, Glanville and the rest of the cast live together under one roof while picking up tips on how to fix their dating lives. And while she definitely learned a thing or two, Brandi also left with a new hookup!

"I've been single for 7 years, since my divorce ... obviously I'm doing something wrong," she says of her reasoning for signing on in the first place. "When this got offered to me I thought, why not try it and put it out there so I can watch it back and see what I'm doing wrong. Watching yourself back, it really shows you things that you do wrong."

Now that the series is about to air though, she's starting to get nervous.

"I always say I'm so used to watching it back and people saying things behind your back because of 'Housewives,' that's the part I've been dreading," Brandi explains. "I kinda had a love connection. What if he says something mean? I'm dreading it actually."

For Brandi, Cal is the antithesis of her ideal man ... but that didn't stop them from getting close.

"I don't like blonde guys, I don't like tattoos and I don't like guys who smoke and he's all of those things," she tells us. "We had magic, it made me feel nice, made me feel like a girl again. He lives in the UK, we're worlds apart, [but] we are in touch every day and we've remained close for the past 6 months, I'm seeing him soon."

We're guessing real soon, as the entire cast will be promoting the show together over the next couple days.

And while she says she came away from the show with some tips on how to improve her dating life going forward -- get specifics in the video above -- Brandi adds there's one hangup she still can't get past.

"I still kind of believe that all men cheat," explains Glanville, whose first husband, Eddie Cibrian, cheated on her with LeAnn Rimes. "I'm hoping that whoever my next love is has it out of his system!"

Calum, you listening?

"Famously Single" premieres June 14 on E!

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