The latest "Rap Battle" on "The Late Late Show with James Corden" took things to another level last night ... as the host and Kevin Hart flung some crazy insults at each other.

"Don't get nervous," the "Central Intelligence" star says to James Corden before they get started. "Do I look nervous?" he shoots back.

From there, a barrage of insults about Kevin's height, James' weight and each of their careers were exchanged, sending the audience into a frenzy.

Choice disses from Corden included:

"You're so little when you smoke weed, you get junior high."

"You might think like a man, but you’re built like a boy."

"I know you got money, I got money too, but you probably save a lot wearing childrens' shoes."

"I hope you thank The Rock, honestly, because of him, you're in a movie people might actually see!"

"Real talk, you'll always be known as the guy who's not Chris Rock!"

As for Kevin's greatest hits ...

"Carpool Karaoke, how long that last? How do you rap with your head up Lin-Manuel's ass?"

"'Into the Woods' is more like into the bargain bin."

"You're a loser, you're not gonna win, you're the perfect host to make Jimmy Kimmel feel thin."

"I fill football stadiums, you barely fit in the seat."

Check out the video above to find out who won -- do you agree with the results?

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