Viral Dancer & Singer Alyson Stoner Reveals Must-Haves for "Girls Night In" Tour
Alyson Stoner
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Remember that adorable pig-tailed dancer from Missy Elliot's "Work It" video?

Well, Alyson Stoner is all grown up now and she's ready to share her new music with the world! toofab caught up with the dancer-turned-singer, where she opened up about her new tour, "Girls Night In," with YouTube stars Niki & Gabi DeMartino and Alisha Marie.

The ladies will be performing their own music, scripted skits and much more for fans -- and the 22-year-old "Step Up" star is really excited to hit the road!

"This summer is going to be one to remember," she tells toofab about the tour. "I'm finally getting to share my original music around the country and meet all the amazing fans."

"I've been training hard to give the best show, and I'm ecstatic that the first concert lands on my 23rd birthday," she continues. "Also, the GNI squad is super diverse this year, so it's all about celebrating our individuality and creating a powerful, unique, and dynamic show for everybody!"

"Personally, I'm feeling super inspired creatively at the moment, so much of what I'm bringing with me has to do with exploring new art and sides of myself!," she says.

So what are Alyson's must-haves for the road? See what she's planning to bring below:

Guitar. I'm thinking of buying my first guitar and beginning to learn while on the road.

Books. My mentor and I have a list a mile long that we never get to because of my schedule, but now I'll have all the time in the world on the bus!

Beats Pill speakers. My dancers and I want to freestyle and train in every city.

Lime & Vine gear. One of my favorite everyday wear brands. You can dress it up, dress it down, feel comfortable and also look stylish with their clothing! I stocked up majorly.

Nutri Bullet. Every morning I'm likely going to be making a massive fruit and protein smoothie topped with granola.

Journal and pens. I'm a thinker and feeler and dreamer and explorer. Must. Reflect. Daily.

Honest Company supplies. I'm a big fan of non-toxic products and ethical consumerism, so for all the less-glorious, mundane travel responsibilities, Honest is my go to.

Movies. Fun fact: I haven't watched many movies in my life. So my goal is to catch up. Recommendations?

Natural air fresheners. This ain't my first tour. Somebody always breaks the "No #2 on the bus" rule, and this time I'm going to be prepared.

I Am bracelet. My father gave me a bracelet with those two words on it, along with the message that whatever follows those two words shapes our reality. This keeps me mindful, aware, and curious about of my thoughts and beliefs.

Nike running shoes, Adidas high tops, and Asics. Each shoe is worn for different reasons, from staying fit to going out dancing to exploring hidden parts of the cities.

You can also check out Stoner's latest music video for her new single "Back to Church" here and get your tickets for the "Girls Night In" tour here!

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