If Britney Spears' "Carpool Karaoke" segment seemed a little awkward to you, she agrees!

The pop star opened up about what really went down during the filming of her "Late Late Show" video with James Corden in a new interview earlier today on KTU's Cubby and Carolina In The Morning in NYC.

While she says shooting the viral clip was "really fun" and "the guy [Corden] was just so incredibly sweet," Brit Brit added the experience was slightly bizarre.

"It was a little awkward," she told the radio hosts, "like driving by grocery stores and seeing people walk by and there's 18 cameras in front of us. I'm like, 'This is just so awkward, it's so weird.'"

The singer, who just released her new album "Glory" today, says she even cracked on James about his song choices.

"I got onto him and said, 'I don't want to hear that song again,'" revealing she's tired of listening to "...Baby One More Time" and "(Oops) I Did It Again."

"Oh my god, he kept playing them he put a damn wig on for it," she added.

The hosts later asked Spears about her celebrity crushes. In the past, she's been all about Brad Pitt ... but says she's into Odell Beckham Jr. these days. "Hello, I mean HELLO!" she said of the good-looking Giants player.

Cubby then played a nasty trick on the mother-of-two, making her believe Pitt was actually in the building as a surprise for her. Totally gullible, Spears fell for it.

"WHAT!!!!!!!! Don't do that! That is so f---ing mean," she exclaimed when the DJ told her he was joking. "That is not cool! Holy s---! Oh my god!"

"I'm going to sue you for traumatizing me for saying Brad Pitt was here," she later joked.

Listen to the full interview below -- and watch her "Carpool Karaoke" vid above!

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