Lea Michele's in the hot seat!

The "Glee" alum appears on Monday's episode of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," where she plays a little game of "Who Would You Rather" with Ellen to celebrate her newly-single status.

Check out the sneak peak above to see who she picks out of celebs like John Stamos,Taylor Lautner, Nick Jonas, Prince Harry and more!

Kicking off the round, Ellen asks Lea to pick between her "Scream Queens" costars, Stamos and Lautner. After admitting that the "Fuller House" star is a little too old for her, she goes with Taylor.

Next up, Michele's asked to pick between Taylor and Nick Jonas. "He played my brother on the show ... it's confusing to me in my head, but I'll go with Nick," the 30-year-old explains in the sneak peek. "Sorry Taylor, I love you!" she adds.

But Nick was quickly replaced with Prince Harry: "Aw, I gotta pick a Prince!" the actress says.

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After a few more rounds, Ellen asks Lea to pick between Michael B. Jordan and Tom Hiddleston. "He's got too much going on," she confesses, shading the actor for his high-profile relationship and breakup with Taylor Swift. "I can't get with that."

"It's over!" Ellen says in the "Crimson Peak" star's defense. "No, it's Priyanka Chopra ... he loves her, they were flirting ...it's a whole thing," Lea jokes.

What do you think about Michele's choices? Sound off below and check out the gallery above to see more sexy stars!

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