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Living the high life!

Miley Cyrus is blaming marijuana for an onstage slip-up during her performance of Frank Sinatra's "My Way" at the Kennedy Center on Sunday.

The 23-year-old, who was one of many celebs who took to the stage to honor Mark Twain Prize for American Humor recipient Bill Murray, flubbed the lyrics to her punk rock take on Old Blue Eye's classic tune.

"I f---ed it up," she told the audience when she stumbled over the lyrics.

But rather than move on, the "Wrecking Ball" crooner, who was clad in a silver mini-dress for the occasion, dwelled on the mistake.

"Sorry, guys," she said in between lyrics. "I got too stoned. I smoked too much and forgot."

According to ABC News, Murray reportedly found the mistake pretty funny.

"This is happening right now in Washington D.C., the 51st state in the union," he laughed from his seat in the balcony, before suggesting Cyrus take another stab at her performance.

The former Disney star made an appearance on the 66-year-old comedian's "A Very Murray Christmas" last year, singing "Sleigh Ride" for the Netflix special.

"I'm gonna say this officially: Miley Cyrus is good," Murray said of Cyrus in an interview during Comic-Con last year. "I was not particularly convinced, but Miley Cyrus is really f---ing good. She can really sing. I thought she was a knucklehead crazy girl, the kind of girl you'd want to go on a road trip with. But she can really sing. She floored everybody: Paul Shaffer, George Clooney. All these guys were like, 'Holy Christ! This girl can really sing!' I don't wanna hear any bad rapping on Miley Cyrus."

Cyrus' second, expletive-free performance will air on PBS on Friday.

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