Aubrey O'Day Blasts Trump In Cryptic Tweets: My Story Is Worth MILLIONS!
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Aubrey O'Day threw some serious shade at President-elect Donald Trump ... and claimed that she has a "story" that's worth millions!

In a series of cryptic tweets, the former "Celebrity Apprentice" contestant alludes to the fact she has a story that could be the White House's next biggest scandal. The night of the election, O'Day teased her experience:

She wasn't done there, though. When further prompted by the results of the election, O'Day went off, calling Trump homophobic and racist, among other things.

Check out her tweets:

When a non-American citizen asked what was going on in the United States, O'Day responded, "It's simple. Elites condescended and insulted working people for long enough that they were sick of it ... and an a--hole cashed in on that."

While she likely won't tell her full story anytime soon -- contestants on "The Apprentice" are probably under a non-disclosure agreement -- she danced around bashing Trump in a 2012 interview with Entertainment Weekly.

When asked if she felt women were discriminated against during her time on The Donald's reality show, she replied, "Oh, God, how do I get around answering this the safe way?"

"I think that we have a long way to go before women are respected in business the way that they should be, and that is across the board," she added.

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