Mariah Carey Recalls Trying James Packer Wedding Dress On, Calls Moment "Bittersweet!"
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Mariah Carey is nothing if not completely transparent about her life.

In a new interview with ET Online, Carey revealed that her feelings on her nixed wedding to billionaire James Packer is "bittersweet," and recalls watching wedding prep footage on her reality show, "Mariah's World."

The "Fantasy" singer said, "You know, I could sit here and be in this whole emotional moment about it, but I'd rather just say ... no. I won't say what I'd rather say," she laughed.

"All of those moments are bittersweet," Mariah clarified, "but you just have to focus on whatever you're focusing on and keep it moving."

About the show itself, Carey called it "real," and said, "The stories [are] interesting because it shows the side of the entertainment world that's not just the celebrity [aspect]. It's real [and] I don't feel like it feels like a scripted kind of reality [show] whatsoever."

The 46-year-old singer is apparently made of steel, and that explains why she is who she is ... she doesn't let anything get her down!

When asked by ET why Mariah feels that women deserve "inconvenience fees," the Elusive Chanteuse said, "Honey, we deserve so much more than that. We deserve everything."

Mariah really does tell all, huh?

However, when pressed about her rumored backup dancer beau, Bryan Tanaka, Mariah shied away from the question and coyly responded, "You'll have to just wait and watch the show. You're just being dramatic [now]."

Carey and Packer officially split last month ... so the sting is still relatively new.

Weigh in on the comments below -- do you think Mariah's being 100% real that the moments on her show are "bittersweet," and not completely heartbreaking?

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