See Which Model Recreates Sharon Stone's Infamous "Basic Instinct" Moment (NSFW Video)
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Sharon Stone's flashing scene from "Basic Instinct" just got a modern makeover, courtesy Barbara Palvin.

The Hungarian-born model and actress provocatively recreated the moment as part of Love magazine's annual advent calendar, dressed and styled similarly to Stone in the 1992 erotic thriller while delivering some of Catherine Tramell's most seductive lines.

The video below features Palvin smoking, swearing, and, yes, flashing. Consider this your NSFW warning!

Palvin stuck to the script and acted out the memorable movie moment word for word and action for action for the video. Seated on a chair in a white mini dress and gladiator-style shoes, Barbara held a cigarette in one hand as her legs crossed -- and uncrossed -- in front of her.

Asked if she was a killer, she replied with one of writer Joe Eszterhas' icy lines of dialogue: "I'd have to be pretty stupid to write a book about killing and then kill him the way I described in my book."

"I'd be announcing myself as the killer," she added. "I'm not stupid."

The model appears to be wearing nude underwear to preserve her modesty.

See the video (below) for the full effect.

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