Even Oscar winner Natalie Portman is embarrassed of her dorky past.

The "Jackie" actress appeared on Wednesday's episode of "The Late Late Show", where host James Corden joked with the pregnant star about her early pop singer days.

Apparently, Portman was in an "environmental singing group" called the World Patrol Kids when she was just 9 years old.

"There were like eight people who would come in and out, we were all in like fifth grade, so we couldn't always make practice or whatever," Portman revealed.

"We would perform at like, Earth Day. At like, the UN Plaza or whatever. I was really dorky OK," she laughed. "Everyone knows now!"

If that wasn't enough embarrassment for the actress, Corden then played two clips of Portman from her singing days.

"If only we had a clip of the World Patrol Kids," Corden teased the mortified star.

In the vintage footage, a young Natalie sings and dances to an environmental-themed songs.Another clip even features Portman showing off her impressive set of pipes.

"Hell of a voice though! When are we going to see you in a big musical?" Corden asked.

"Well, you're the musical man, aren't you? Portman asked. "Only environmental topics."

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