15 Best Dressed Men at Golden Globes 2017: TooFab's Picks (Photos)
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What determines what makes a male movie or TV star best dressed at an awards show like the Golden Globes? A tux is a tux is a tux -- right? One penguin suit is just like any other penguin suit. Well –- it is –- until it isn’t.

Some men break it up with going with white dinner jackets on top of white shirts -- some play with fabric, texture and color. Or some just accessorize in a cool manly way –- and since that can only mean covered buttons, cufflinks, sunglasses, or a bow or regular tie, that's what we saw.

One standout sexy trend for the guys: scruff! When does heavy scruff/facial hair become a real beard? I think we’re going to have to ask Jon Hamm that. Meanwhile we could not find a badly dressed guy at the entire show -- so we named sixteen male stars that looked ridiculously great. It's clear that some great brands –- Gucci, Prada, Armani, Dolce, Tom Ford -- and great stylists -– took them all in hand.

Here are TooFab's 15 best dressed men at the Golden Globe Awards:

0109_pharrell_1Getty Images

Pharrell Williams in all Chanel could not have been cooler in a white long line brocade coat combined with black denim pants. How damn cool is that? It’s not everyday you see a man wearing Chanel –- and one as edgy hip as Pharrell. He also wore Chanel cross-body jewelry and other pieces from Chanel fine jewelry. He topped it off with a black ski cap: this year's Vivienne Westwood "Buffalo gals" hat.

0109_gosling_1Getty Images

Ryan Gosling cleaned up nicely in a white Gucci "DIY" Made to Order grosgrain shawl/lapel one-button jacket with black tuxedo trousers, a white evening shirt, black velvet bowtie and black patent leather lace-ups. The white on white made a handsome contrast with the black trousers. And of course -- scruff! The red pocket square was a great pop of color.

0109_hiddleston_1Getty Images

Tom Hiddleston donned his sexy scruff with a Gucci "DIY" Made to Order tobacco velvet notch lapel two-button suit, with a white evening shirt and a burgundy silk bowtie. How utterly dapper. And the man moves so well in a slim cut suit.

0109_ford_1Getty Images

Tom Ford has never had a badly dressed moment in his life. Does he sleep in a tux? Does he have tux PJs? We loved Ford in Ford, wearing his own black satin double-breasted peak tuxedo (one of the few double breasted tuxes of the night), with a white shirt, black bowtie and black patent lace-up shoes. And the scruff? Major! Can you imagine if Tom Ford had worn Armani or Gucci? That would have been a moment!

0109_edgerton_1Getty Images

Joel Edgerton contrasted tons of badboy, badass scruff with a handsome Brunello Cucinelli tux -– the pants were tight, and with his hands in pockets a lot of the time, the jack of all parts and acting chameleon played the part of sharp-dressed man.

0109_garfield_1Getty Images

Andrew Garfield's tux had a very skinny, tight-waisted shape and rather big shoulders: they call this "the triangle look." It was a Gucci black satin peak lapel two button Marseille tux with a white evening shirt, black satin bowtie and black patent leather lace-ups. Was it the satin –- or his slender physique flattered by this tux –- that made him look so great?

0109_fallon_1Getty Images

Jimmy Fallon almost always wears Tom Ford –- and with Ford, the designer and director in the room, all the better. This time it was a black satin tux with a white pique shirt, yellow gold and onyx studs, with a black bow tie and patent evening shoes.

0109_reynolds1Getty Images

Ryan Reynolds had the evening's best and most standout accessory: his wife Blake Lively in a shapely Atelier Versace gown. But he looked pretty studly himself, in a Gucci tux and Christian Louboutin shoes.

0109_redmayneGetty Images

Eddie Redmayne, always dapper, was up to his usual high-styled level in all Prada: a black double breasted mohair tux with a white poplin shirt, black satin bow tie, white silk pocket square and black leather lace-ups.

0109_gloverGetty Images

Donald Glover was way more Hollywood than Atlanta at the Globes in a Gucci (it was a Gucci-glorious night) "DIY" made to order tobacco-coffee colored velvet notch lapel two button textured tux with a white evening shirt and burgundy silk bowtie. We love a hit of velvety velvet!

0109_johnsonGetty Images

Aaron Taylor-Johnson surprised us with his win for best supporting actor. He wore a tux suit by his "Nocturnal Animals" friend and director Tom Ford: a black velvet Windsor evening jacket, black evening pants, a white pique shirt, black bow tie, and black patent lace-up evening shoes. His hair matched his scruff: short, clipped, and classy.

0109_timberlakeGetty Images

Justin Timberlake wore a well-crafted Tom Ford iridescent, small jacquard Windsor satin-shawl evening jacket, black evening pants, white and onyx studs and cufflinks, with black patent lace-up shoes.

0109_pittGetty Images

Brad Pitt also wore a Tom Ford, this one a black grosgrain peak Shelton tux, white pique evening shirt, black patent lace up with a black satin bow tie -– and something we saw few guys donning: a black satin cummerbund. Classy.

0109_washingtonGetty Images

Denzel Washington almost always wears Giorgio Armani, and the Globes was no exception: black textured shawl collar tux trimmed in grosgrain and a classic white evening shirt and bow tie. He might not have won Best Actor for "Fences" –- but he made our best dressed list!

0109_cranstonGetty Images

Bryan Cranston was sporting a reddish-auburn heavy scruff and mustache, and super-cool clear framed glasses with a bronze tint. There's still a little of Heisenberg left in the old boy, it seems.

0109_affleckGetty Images

Casey Affleck wore an interesting look: the contrast of a full beard and facial hair, with a long thick ponytail. We hope this is for a movie role. But if not -– his Dolce & Gabbana black two button tux was actually a three-piece, with a peaked lapel tux jacket.


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