Whoopi Goldberg took a break from battling her co-hosts over politics on Tuesday's episode of "The View" to take aim at Kanye West.

During a chat about aftermath of Kim Kardashian's Paris robbery, the ladies revealed what they would really like to see the E! reality star talking about when the show returns.

"What I would like to see [on 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians'] is Kim arguing with Kanye over you know who," said Joy Behar, referencing Donald Trump, "because Kanye said he would have voted for him. That I would like to see."

But Goldberg took it a step further, getting visibly angry as she scolded West for admitting he didn't vote at all in the election.

"I would like her to say to him, 'Listen, don't you ever think that saying you didn't vote was a good idea,'" she emphatically said. "'Don't you ever think that that was good. I don't care who you would have voted for. People died for your right to not vote you idiot boy. You foolish boy. Idiot boy. Don't ever say that again!"

The show cut to commercial after Goldberg's outburst, which got major applause from the studio audience.

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