Whoopi Goldberg's got jokes when it comes to the Donald Trump-Russia report.

The women of "The View" kicked off today's show by discussing the alleged report detailing the "compromising personal and financial information" the Russians claim to have on the president-elect.

And Whoopi couldn't resist getting as many puns into the conversation as possible.

"Now we can't get into specifics," she warned, "but I do have to ask because he's being showered with allegations right now, is this a golden opportunity for Democrats or will he be able to clean up these leaks?"

The opener had the rest of the group cracking up, including conservative panelist Jedediah Bila.

And while Goldberg continued to call the report "unsubstantiated," she was quick to point out a double-standard between how Republicans reacted to this report and how they reacted to unsubstantiated reports about President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

"I do recall, the days they were saying Obama's not an American, he's a Muslim or he's part of the Taliban," she said. "Those weren't substantiated, those were fake news and they ran with it."

"The saddest thing about all of this is people jumped on what they thought was happening with Hillary Clinton without any factual information," she continues. "They're giving this a pass, saying it's not really real. Here's the deal, I'm taking it like it might be real and I don't want you compromising my country for your gain. I'm not happy with that."

Even Bila had a problem with how Trump reacted to the report, criticizing him for quoting Russia in one of his tweets.

"Can I bring up a tweet from Trump which alarmed me? He tweets out, in the midst of all this happening, 'Russia just said the unverified report paid for by political opponents is A COMPLETE LIE AND TOTAL FABRICATION, UTTER NONSENSE,'" she explained. "Maybe don't quote Russia, don't cite Russia as a verifiable source."

"If any of this is true and is found to be true, this is very problematic," she added, while reminding viewers to "question everything."

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