"Baywatch" alum David Charvet almost cost his wife, Brooke Burke, her spot on "The Celebrity Apprentice" last night, but he's firing back at haters who called him a chauvinist.

After getting slammed on Twitter for his behavior on Monday's episode -- where he refused to ride behind his wife on a motorcycle for a photoshoot because he thought he'd appear "wimpy" -- Charvet clapped back this morning.

"I will always support my wife," he posted on Instagram, co-signing on a fan's comment defending his actions by re-sharing it in a post.

"I can't even read this fembot crap anymore, how programmed are people? Men being men is now not only frowned upon, but engendered," the fan wrote. "It takes a STRONG WOMAN to be married to a STRONG MAN, and it absolutely disgusts me to see traditional couples shamed for it." The commenter also told David and Brooke to ignore the "bitter hateful women" trash talking them.

In case you missed it last night, Brooke and her team were tasked with coming up with an ad campaign for Kawasaki motorcycles. To appeal to a female audience, Burke wanted to appear in control of the bike, with her husband riding on the back, but he was not having it.

"I'm not having Arnold looking at me like I'm some kind of wimp," Charvet exclaimed. "Are you out of your tree?!"

"He's very macho and he's not the most cooperative guy," Burke said in a confessional, before agreeing to instead ride behind him on the bike.

Host Arnold Schwarzenegger thought it was a bizarre choice and said that Brooke's group probably would have won if they went with their original idea.

"You could have just asked me to sit on the back of the bike, I would have been more than happy," he added, "I have no qualms about it."

In the end, Kyle Richards, the team leader for Brooke's group, was sent "to the choppa" after being eliminated.

Check out some of the Twitter reactions to Charvet's behavior below:

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