'Stranger Things' Shannon Purser aka Barb Shares Intimate Personal Details of Self-Harm, Depression and Anxiety

"Stranger Things" star Shannon Purser, better known as Barb from the hit Netflix show, opens up about dealing with real demons that took over her life.

The young starlet goes into detail about comments she made on her Twitter in regards to having depression and suicidal thoughts since middle school.

“I felt very isolated,” she told US Magazine. “I’m pretty introverted and I spend a lot of time in books, a lot of time thinking and by myself, because that’s what I enjoy to recharge. And I think that for a while my self-confidence and my tendency to want to be alone really didn’t do me any favors. So self-harm was something I could turn to that made me feel like I was doing something about all the negative feelings I had.”

She attributes a break-up that caused her spiral into an even darker place, ultimately leading to finally seeking professional help.

“At that point I was so miserable and couldn’t get out of bed, I felt so isolated and so unworthy of love that I just had to go to my parents and say, ‘I think I really need help or I’m going to continue to fall apart.’”

With the success of "Stranger Things," and particularly an internet full of admirers for her character in particular, Purser makes it clear that even with an immense following, sudden fame and internet praise, depression does not discriminate.

“A lot of people look at people who have depression and think that it’s not legitimate because they’re wealthy or it looks like everything seems to be doing fine. But it doesn’t pick and choose. It can affect anybody in the brain, no matter how perfect your life seems.”

“In the end, that can be how it destroys us if we don’t let people into our struggle. And as cliché as it sounds, if you really make the effort, you can get better and you can live not just a hard life, but a beautiful life."

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