The Beyhive Is Not Having One Bit of Beyoncé's Loss and Piers Morgan's Slam
Inside the Grammy Awards

Between Beyoncé's Grammys loss and Piers Morgan's negative reaction to the Queen's performance, the Beyhive is positively up in arms.

Of Beyoncé's "Lemonade" medley, Morgan tweeted: "Didn't really 'feel' that Beyonce performance. Seemed heavier on the narcissism than the music."

See the tweet below:

Reacting to Morgan's thoughts, fans of the icon shared their most vitriolic tweets in response.

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See some of the best responses below and continue reading for more story:

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It seemed that Morgan's comments only added fuel to the fire, as the Beyhive was already upset that their Queen didn't bring home the gold in the capacity that they'd hoped.

Fan reactions were mixed -- some were sad, and some seemed outright angry and righteous about Beyoncé's loss.

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See tweets from the "Love Drought" singer's fan base below.


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