Seth Rogen DMs Donald Trump Jr. to Plead for Help in Ending His Dad's Presidency
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In an alternate attempt to save the world, Seth Rogan sent a friendly message to Donald Trump Jr. on Twitter Thursday morning.

After realizing the two follow each other, the actor decided it might be a good idea to suggest improvements of his father’s presidency in the most millennial way possible, hitting up the DMs.

"Hey man! It's Seth." The message said. "Your father is trying to discredit our media, collude with Russia, and destroy the environment."

Seemingly inspired by his first attempt, Rogan proceeded to send another message to Donald Trump Jr. this time requesting that Congressman Jason Chaffetz investigate Michael Flynn's connection to Russia.

"Also please tell your dad that this guy Jason Chaffetz should probably investigate Flynn's connection to Russia."

And after citing that he doesn't "mean to come off as a weirdo," he made one more plea.

Well played, Seth. Donald Trump Jr. has yet to respond.

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