DL Hughley co-hosted "The View" on Friday, where he made it very clear how he really feels about President Donald Trump.

"Any man that wears a combover looks in the mirror and lies to himself every day. If you can lie to your face, you can lie to America," he joked.

But DL was just getting started.

"I look at Donald Trump and I go, 'I'm glad the first black president wasn't that dumb,'" he said, pointing out what he believes to be a double standard between Trump and Barack Obama. "If Barack Obama was ill informed, he'd be on fire."

"He's like Joffrey from Game of Thrones," Hughley piled on. "I can't understand what America was thinking. I get ideological differences, I do not get what they saw in that guy and went, 'He can take us places we've never gone.'"

Whoopi's witty response: "It's true, look at where we are!"

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But it was Hughley's comments on Trump's chief strategist Steve Bannon that really stood out.

"This cat has wife-beaters in his cabinet," he said, referring to charges of misdemeanor domestic violence in Bannon's past, charges which were later dropped when his ex-wife failed to show in court. "I don't know if he's filling his cabinet or casting an Ike Turner review. I think it's sad that these kinds of things are happening."

The panel was joined by guest Trevor Noah later in the show, where he said sometimes you just have to laugh at the absurdity of it all.

"It's like we're all watching an asteroid coming to the earth. It may miss the earth, but its coming. Some days you're gonna cry but some days you have to laugh and go, 'That asteroid is in the shape of a penis,'" he joked. "There's moments where you have to be like, we may die, but it's a little funny."

While talking Michael Flynn's exit as National Security Adviser and Andrew Puzder withdrawing his name from consideration as Labor Secretary, Joy asked who Noah thought would be the next to go.

"The Trump administration seems to be working on different levels. It's almost like you've got multiple administrations running separately from each other," he said, adding he didn't think Sean Spicer is "going to do well."

"You can see that Spicer knows what facts are and he's struggling with what his mind has to do and what his mouth has to do," Noah said. "It's like he's translating truth into what he has to say."

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