See 'This Is Us' Most Emotional Moments ... So Far

Chrissy Metz said the reveal of how Jack died on "This Is Us" is only going to lead to a lot more questions.

Ever since fans of the show learned Milo Ventimiglia's character was no longer with us in the present day, they've been searching for clues on what happened to the Pearson family patriarch.

"They do such a beautiful tap-dance, a little waltz with you," Chrissy Metz told TooFab about the show's slow-roll on the reveal. "We're gonna find out some more information before the season's over, but you're gonna really have to wait 'til next season to see what's really going on."

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When asked if how he died will be big shock to fans, Metz said, "Yes, not something you're expecting."

She added that his death will touch on "lots of issues" for the family.

"The things that happen in our lives shape us into the people that we become," she added. "Jack's death was absolutely that for everyone, for the kids obviously and for one person in particular. We're going to find out who that is."

Show creator Dan Fogelman already revealed that Metz's character Kate will be hit the hardest by Jack's death.

Another death that affected the stars of the show was that of William last week.

"Girl, I had to watch it alone," Metz told TooFab. "I had to watch it alone. I keep asking people, 'Are you ok, are you alright?' We knew that America was going to be beside themselves, because I am and I knew it was happening."

"This Is Us" airs Tuesdays on NBC, but isn't on this week due to President Donald Trump's speech to Congress.

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