Kellyanne Conway Roasted on Twitter Over Comfy Couch Shot From Oval Office (Photos)
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The internet blew up Monday night as photos of a relaxed Kellyanne Conway sitting with heels on in the oval office went viral.

In the photo, we see the Council to the President kneeling on the couch inside of the Oval Office, presumably getting in position to capture a photo.

Many people compared the photo to previous viral shots of former President Barack Obama in the Oval Office with his feet up, while others noted that this is nothing we should even care about after what Bill Clinton did in the Oval.


Though many knocked the viral photo as being "totally ridiculous" and others made comments about liberals reacting to something so stupid, the internet was filled with mixed reactions to the supposed couchgate.

Why Kelly Anne Conway looking like a Thot in college that's bout to show a whole fraternity what that mouth do???

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