'Vanderpump Rules' Tom and Katie Ask Lisa for a Favor, Stassi Joins OKCupid And the SUR Staff Strips Down
'Vanderpump Rules' Smokin' 2017 Staff Shoot

Nothing like the annual SUR photo shoot to bring out the best in people.

The boys got spray tanned, the girls stripped down and everyone got along. In the words of Lisa Vanderpump, it was “salivating salacious.”

And even though fan faves like Stassi Schroder and Tom Schwartz no longer work for SUR, one of them managed to sneak back in for the photo op…and it wasn’t the one busy going on blind dates.

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Spoiler: It was Tom, but that just might be what he and Katie needed to relight the spark that was masked by an argument-filled bachelor-bachelorette party in New Orleans.

In fact, Lisa told the two she wouldn’t feel comfortable officiating their wedding until they got their s--t together.

Alright, so she didn’t say it quite like that, but she did manage to make her point because the two actually spent quality time with each other and found a sense of peace in their relationship. Katie vowed to let bygones be bygones, and Lisa agreed to officiate their nuptials.

Poor Stassi – doesn’t look like she’ll be taking Mr. Nice But Not Perfect to Tom and Katie's wedding next week.

"Vanderpump Rules" airs Monday nights on Bravo.

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