As if Céline Dion's "Titanic" anthem "My Heart Will Go On" wasn't tear-jerking enough, she's gone and created another romantic masterpiece for Disney's live-action "Beauty and the Beast."

"How Does a Moment Last Forever," off of the upcoming film's soundtrack, went online Thursday for fans to listen to before hearing it in theaters while the end credits scroll.

Composer Alan Menken asked Dion, who sang "Beauty and the Beast" in the 1991 animated film with Peabo Bryson, to sing another original ballad for the new movie. Star Emma Watson, who playes Belle, chimes to sing a bit of it, too.

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Some of the lyrics include:

"Maybe some moments weren't so perfect / Maybe some memories not so sweet / But we have to know some bad times / Or are lives are incomplete / Then when the shadows overtake us / Just when we feel all hope is gone / We'll hear our song and know once more / Our love lives on / How does a moment last forever? / How does our happiness endure? / Through the darkest of our troubles / Love is beauty, love is pure / Love pays no mind to desolation / It flows like a river through the soul / Protects, covers, and perseveres / And makes us whole / Minutes turn to hours, days to years and gone / But when all else has been forgotten / Still our song lives on," the superstar sings. "That's how a moment lasts forever / When our song lives on."

"Beauty and the Beast," also starring Dan Stevens as the Beast, hits theaters on March 17.

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