Sometimes international politics takes a back seat to even more important issues - like your adorable kids demanding attention on live TV.

Professor Robert Kelly was being interviewed live on BBC News about the impeachment of South Korea's President Park Geun-hye Friday morning when his toddler in pigtails, glasses and a yellow jumper burst into his home office and did a little dance.

"I think one of your children's just walked in," the amused BBC anchor remarked, as Kelly tried to wave the girl off and continue his analysis.

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But a second later, the newscast was joined by Kelly's baby in a walker, who didn't want to be left out of the fun. People in the BBC newsroom could be heard cracking up off camera.

The segment really got good when a woman came skidding around the corner and dragged the kids out of the room, knocking books over as she went.

"Pardon me," Kelly said, trying not to laugh. "Pardon me. My apologies."

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He continued, "South Korea's policy choices on North Korea have been severely limited," as the children yelled in the background and the woman snuck back on her hands and knees to shut the door.

The internet, of course, was absolutely delighted.

The weekend's almost here, everybody. Hang in there.

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