Whoopi Goldberg was MIA from "The View" today, but the drama wasn't.

Co-hosts Jedediah Bila and Sunny Hostin got into it while discussing the Republican party's proposed replacement for the Affordable Care Act, AKA Obamacare. While both agreed the GOP's bill wasn't a good idea, they weren't on the same page when it came to the correct approach going forward.

And man, were they vocal about it.

Calling Trumpcare "a terrible plan," Bila continued to slam Obamacare as well and voice her support for a "free market system" instead. "A lot of people lost their doctors, a lot of people lost their plan, a lot of people's quality went down," she said of the Affordable Care Act. "What good is insurance if it costs you a fortune?"

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Hostin and Joy Behar insisted health care should be mandated, like car insurance -- another notion Bila shot down.

"Car insurance exists because they don't want you to be a liability to someone else. The key difference is, you don't have to have a car, you have to have a body," she said. "If the federal government tells you by virtue of existing, you have to have health insurance, that is overreach."

Here's where it really started getting intense.

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"When you don't have health insurance, guess what? We do pay," Hostin shot back. "They get get their health insurance by going to the emergency room, which is extremely expensive. And who pays for it? The taxpayers pay for it. People need health insurance."

"So we're gonna depend on the on insurance companies to be good corporate citizens and not charge us a lot of money?" she then shouted. “Good luck! The free market does not work!"

Behar finally shut down the 7+ minute debate by telling Bila to "wrap it!"

After the episode aired, Bila went to Twitter on Tuesday afternoon to respond to some of her critics.

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