33 Unforgettable "This Is Us" Moments (So Far)

NBC’s “This Is Us” finale drew mixed reactions from fans who were quick to post their two cents on social media.

Some fans were brokenhearted from Jack and Rebecca’s big fight, some were daydreaming about finding a man who will love like Jack, while others were horribly disappointed by the hyped up dry finale.

TooFab contributor Jason Hughes writes:

"It's odd to say that the episode was a huge letdown considering that it was still a fantastically produced, directed, written and acted hour of television, but the bar was set pretty high. This is a show that started dropping bombshells with its very first episode, and followed up pretty consistently every other week or so. Viewers got used to their jaws dropping into the puddles of their tears. It was heart-wrenching television, but in such a satisfying way.

That's why it's so disappointing that this felt more like one of those nice little interstitial episodes where nothing huge happens, rather than a season finale. "This Is Us" won't be back on the air until September, and that's a long time to leave fans waiting. The most impactful season finales in television history have left fans wondering throughout the hiatus, exemplified best by the infamous "Who shot J.R.?" summer of "Dallas."

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And here is what “This Is Us” fans are saying:

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